Old township

Nationally Recognized Important Historical Building Preservation Area
The Town Village still stands on the east side of the Miyagawa River flowing through Takayama, and in the middle of it is Sanmachi, where Edo period houses remain. The rich atmosphere of Takayama castle town still lingers, and you can see sake breweries and merchants’ houses with latticed bay windows standing in a row.

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Takayama Morning Markets

Takayama morning market is one of the biggest morning markets in Japan. It takes place at two locations: One is held in front of the Takayama Jinya, and the other at the Miyagawa River side.

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Shinhotaka Ropeway

The mountain view seen from Shin-Hotaka Ropeway, the unique two-storied cable car, is so amazing.
You’ll see Oku-Hotaka Dake, the third highest mountain in Japan.
And also Northern Alps’ range.
Also, don’t forget to see the view from the observation deck.
We hope you enjoy the celestial view changing throughout the season.

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Town of White-Walled Storehouses along the Seto River

Hida Furukawa is known as the other old, very traditional town in the Hida region in addition to Takayama. With the stone walls of temples and the great white-walled storehouses in the background, the Seto River is the main highlight of the area.

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Rail Mountain Bike Gattan Go!!

Rail Mountain Bike Gattan-go is an exciting experience in the Kamioka area that seats adventure seekers on side-by-side mountain bikes along the tracks of the abandoned Kamioka Railway.

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Tenshukaku (castle keep) Observatory

The observation area at Shiroyama castle keep is one of the best places to overlook the gassho style houses gathered below in the settlement of Ogi-machi.

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Hakusan Lakeside Lodge

A beautiful emerald-green lake situated in the Hakusan National Park. You can enjoy a lakeside stay at the Hakusan Lakeside Lodge.

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Hakusan Shirakawa-go White Road

Hakusan Shirakawa-go White Road is a driving route through Hakusan National Park, connects points like the ancient city of Kanazawa and Hakusan and Kaga Onsen (Ishikawa Prefecture) with the World Heritage Site of Shirakawa-go and Hida Takayama (Gifu Prefecture).
Here you will find beautiful natural scenery only available for a limited time each year.

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A Manga Guide to Manners in Shirakawa-go

We have put some sightseeing manners you would like to keep in mind into manga form to make your visit more enjoyable. Please read this before visiting Shirakawa-go.

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Gero Hot Springs

Gero Hot Springs sits alongside the Hida River and was called one of the top three hot springs by philosopher Razan Hayashi, who served four shoguns, including Ieyasu Tokugawa and a Zen master at Kyoto Gozan during the Muromachi era, Banri Shuku. Gero's hot spring mountain village makes an attractive tourist destination.

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Ideyu Asaichi

Ideyu Asaichi is a local market which offers many reasonable local items such as pickles, local liquors, handicrafts, etc. from the beginning of March to the beginning of December.

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Gero Onsen Gassho-mura

At Gero Onsen Gassho-mura, 10 gassho-zukuri (thatched) houses have been transferred from places like Shirakawa-go to form a precious outdoor museum which recreates a mountain settlement from former times, and offers a glimpse into what life might have been like for its inhabitants. Among the structures transferred is the Odo House, a nationally designated Important Tangible Folk Cultural Property.

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