Enako Villas

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Excellent location to enjoy nature

The beautiful Enako River that flows through the center of Takayama City, which is crowded with tourists. stands in a deep forest far upstream of the river, which also served as a moat for Takayama Castle.
In the forest where the breeze that tickles the skin is pleasant, the space that welcomes you is all made of solid wood on the diatomaceous earth wall, which makes you want to take a deep breath from inside your body.
You can enjoy different interiors of each of the five bedrooms with the design concept of . The comfortable BED will give you a good night’s rest without the tiredness of your trip.
There is a large sofa in the living room, and you can enjoy your meal or bar time while looking out at the trees on the adjacent terrace.
You can comfortably spend time with a dining room that can seat up to 10 people, a large kitchen, and a bath with a sound system.
Also, how about BBQ on the terrace? (Reservation required / extra charge)
Feel the trees, the forest, and the wind, and spend a special time with your dear friends and family that can only be experienced here.

More Information

Address 2105-144, Enako-chou, Takayama City, Gifu Pref (Google Maps)
E-mail 01@as-hida.jp
TEL/FAX 0577-37-4813/0577-37-4812
Parking 6 cars can be parked on the premises
Check-in 15:00 - 18:00
Check-out - 10:00
Remarks Free Wi-Fi is available

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